Люди мне преслал амереканец в скайпе этот сайт.

Андрей Поляков Андрей Поляков
Я не знаю чё это.
вот наш разговор

[12:27:31] PARTY HARD: hellooo
[12:27:54] Deanna Eddy: i got ure name from the directory here on skype cuz i was bored and lookin for new people to talk to. Lol
[12:28:04] Deanna Eddy: 25/f here u?
[12:28:59] PARTY HARD: I can not speak very well in English only cheres translator
[12:29:14] Deanna Eddy: well whatcha doin?
[12:30:14] PARTY HARD: I play video games to the incentive.
[12:30:35] Deanna Eddy: i'm just enjoying my summer vacation from school, i'm still in college right now so i've been really lookin forward to it ya know
[12:31:35] PARTY HARD: I live in Russia
[12:31:48] Deanna Eddy: lol, so i have an idea if ure up for a lil fun
[12:32:57] PARTY HARD: there are no bears and vodka
[12:33:26] Deanna Eddy: i was actually going to be getting to my "job" here shortly. My girlfriend was working online and i kept askin her about it so she showed me what she was doing when we got back to school after winter break
[12:33:50] Deanna Eddy: Lol i thought she was out of her mind at first, but its pretty cool actually. We work online doing private webcam shows which sounded odd at first trust me. But i freakin luv it!
[12:35:16] PARTY HARD: how old are you.
[12:35:53] Deanna Eddy: well what i was going to say is i have some free passes and i usually just do a private show before i get started to "warm up" lol. No one is online though so i was going to give u one of the passes if u wanted but u have to give me a really good rating so i can get more if u do tho k?
[12:37:19] PARTY HARD: because of a poor translator, I know what you mean bad
[12:37:46] Deanna Eddy: dont u worry tho… Ill earn it lol. K its http://bit.ly/1C1ryVE and u should see a lil button to accept my invite and create your profile. U just click on that.
[12:38:06] Deanna Eddy: then you just make ure own username or w/e and u can cum join my private chat for us two and type to me and tell me what you want me to do
[12:42:21] PARTY HARD: я не хочю зарабатывать
[12:42:37] Deanna Eddy: yeah you do need a cc of some sort… But, its just to verify your age
[12:42:54] Deanna Eddy: u should feel special i dont usually give out this one! Lols im such a goofball sumtimes

Марк Данке Марк Данке
only cheres translator
pipetc, rzhy nimagu

Dima Mikirtumov Dima Mikirtumov
Гут что и ты ему пришли

ророо роро ророо роро

Bender Rodriguez Bender Rodriguez
"I can not speak very well in English only cheres translator" - гениально.

Shurovik Shurovik
Обычный спам-бот. В бан и все. Раз скрытой ссылкой разбрасывается.

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